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What do luxury yachts, roof safety equipment, and cryogenic freezers have in common? The answer is: I have written about them all. In my six years as a copywriter in the UK, I have utilised the skills I learned training as a newspaper reporter to create persuasive, effective copy for a range of products, services, and people.

How does this help you? My skills include not just a comprehensive grasp of the English language and how to use it effectively, but also the ability to quickly and efficiently research any subject - be it fashion or fall protection - and write about it at an expert level. I can create the content you need, saving you time.

During my career, I have crafted copy for a multitude of channels, from magazines and other forms of print advertising, to SEO-optimised content for the web, official business performance reports, and even children's books. I pride myself on my adaptability and knack for quickly picking up new subjects to produce copy that changes minds, opens wallets, and convinces your customers to sign on the dotted line.

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'It is always a pleasure to work with Charlie. His industry knowledge and dedication to each project means we receive a high-quality final product every time.'


—  Dorota Smilgin, Marketing Manager

Kee Safety Group Ltd

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Tel: +44 7891 124414

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