• Charlie Benton

Why You Need To Keep Your Site Content Up To Date

Despite what many believe, websites should not be static. Unlike traditional channels of customer communication, such as print marketing, websites are flexible and ever-changing, and you should be making the most of it!

However, there’s another, more important reason to ensure your website is dynamic and up to date. Dated or non-optimised content can have a serious impact on your SEO, and your traffic. Why is that, and what can you do to tackle it?

Content never sleeps

Ensuring the content on your site is right is an ongoing job. It may have been suitable five years ago, but times have changed. Google has updated its algorithm at least a thousand times since your site went live. The site is now not ranking because there are too many similar keywords on one page, and it’s ‘over-optimised’.

Perhaps the content was never right. You’re an expert in your field, but know next to nothing about what Google wants. Your content might be hugely informative, but lacking vital keywords, which means Google can’t see it to rank it. Worse, if you didn’t write it yourself, your content could have been plagiarised from elsewhere without your knowledge, and Google is flat out ignoring it.

The issue could be as simple as a lack of headings and images, creating a poor user experience. Google will give preference to pages that are nicely laid out, clearly segmented with headings, and which feature relevant and attractive pictures. Or perhaps you only have 150 words on your page, way below the SEO minimum Google prefers.

These are just a few examples of how small content issues can have a big impact on your site, and your sales. Lack of well-researched keywords or a poor user experience can be the difference between your expensive, beautiful site pulling in users, and languishing in 50th position. Overall, Google (other search engines are available) simply prefers sites that are regularly updated, whether this is via ongoing content audits or weekly/monthly blogs. A more active site generally means a more informative one, and Google wants to provide useful sites to searchers.

You don’t have time

But you don’t know where to start, and you certainly don’t have time to keep up with the ever-shifting SEO landscape. Who does? You’ve got a business to run.

That is why you hire an expert to take care of your content for you. They can review the pages on your site to identify areas where you’re falling behind, and suggest ways to amend and improve.

This process is supported by comprehensive keyword research, where the expert identifies the most relevant terms used by potential customers. Sure, you know people are searching for ‘bikes’, however, you’ll never beat the big boys like Halfords or Decathlon. But did you know ‘adventure bikes’ is a much less competitive term, ripe for the picking?

The benefits of hiring an expert to take care of your content are not just only a healthier site and increased traffic, but peace of mind that the net you are casting is wider and has far fewer holes in it. Well, until Google changes its algorithm again.

I’m a content expert with over seven years of experience in creating effective, persuasive content for numerous clients, driving their customers to where they need to be. To see what I can do, check out my portfolio, or to chat about how I can help you, get in touch.