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THE OBSCENE is now available on Amazon!

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

The light illuminated pale skin tracked with dark, raised veins and a mass of appendages curling out from its arms and chest. It had been a man once. Now it was a monster, lost between two worlds.

The Obscene, my debut sci-fi novel, is now available on Amazon!

Set in the irradiated Exclusion Zone around the ruined Chernobyl nuclear plant, it sees three friends plunged into a terrifying adventure when an alien entity coerces them into helping it escape from its prison beneath the destroyed reactor.

The novel was produced with the help of first-hand accounts of visitors to the Zone to produce a truly accurate representation of the region, where nature has reclaimed much of the landscape due to the absence of almost any human interference.

I will be blogging more about The Obscene, and the inspirations and processes behind writing and publishing it, in the coming months. The paperback version will also hopefully be available before the end of the year, so subscribe for updates!

- Charlie

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