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Public speaking for the awkward goblin man

Despite my generous assumption that there were numerous safety measures in place to prevent weirdos like me from polluting the minds of our youth, it seems it's quite easy to get into the education centres of today and do exactly that.

In all seriousness, though, I was absolutely ecstatic to be invited to Kettlebrook Short Stay School in Tamworth and talk to the students about my rock 'n roll self-published author lifestyle.

Once I was satisfactorily plied with tea, the poor victims of this educational experiment were led in, and looked to me with big wide eyes in expectation of some useful writerly truth bombs.

True to form, I found myself rambling on for quite a while about everything but the subject I was there to talk about. Eventually I managed to dig up some useful advice on the writing and self-publishing process, and discovered that several kids today have a disturbingly deep interest in the body horror works of Cronenberg. Cool.

As a former student of a non-mainstream school, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to be able to talk to young people starting in a similar place to myself. Plus, they got biscuits, and I got to talk about my philanthropic nature on my blog. Everybody wins!

- Charlie


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