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Annual Shareholder Reports for

MyDentist (formerly IDH)

On multiple occasions I produced Walker Reports (shareholder reports) for MyDentist, one of the largest dental corporates in the UK.


We believe great customer service begins with providing more support and training to our practices, so our teams can focus on delivering expert service and providing an exceptional customer experience.

We have continuous training for our teams to ensure consistency and high standards throughout the practice network.

To know what we are doing right and what we could do better, we went straight to the source for feedback on the services we provide. Our mechanisms for receiving feedback include an easily accessible SMS survey facility, allowing patients and customers to tell us exactly what they think; this enables us to monitor and be certain we are delivering on our promise to provide outstanding service through clinical excellence, and focus on what matters most to them.

In the past year, we sent over 500,000 survey texts to customers asking for feedback in four key questions relating to their experience. We achieved a healthy 15% response rate and overall satisfaction was 4.6 out of 5.

We are striving to ensure all customers have access to our services whenever, and wherever, they need them, and in the past year we have continued to improve booking access to clinicians via the increased availability of our online booking and quick SMS re-booking services across all practices.


In addition, we continue to provide access to services to patients via email, SMS and letter campaigns, focused on and relevant to their oral healthcare.

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